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Romeo, Save Me.

Hi :) I'm Ketie. I am 19. I'm a person that does everything too much. I talk to much. I sleep to much (really it's a problem). I eat too much. I read too much and I cry too much over people that aren't real and things that haven't actually happened. I'm in too many fandoms to write them down. Books, movies,TV shows , bad puns (mostly by me) and music is what you will find on this blog. :)

I cry a lot and very easily so yeah oops?
I didn't plan on turning into a Teen Wolf blog it just sorta happened?

Forever mourning the loss of Allison Argent & Gwen Stacy

"One should always be careful of books for words have the power to change us"

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N o w h e r e is safe.

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*blogs for an hour*

Mannn I’m tired!

I guess this is how one knows summer’s officially over 

*dies on the inside*

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agentswan said: that class sounds AMAZING!! and i’m glad to hear your first day was good!! :D

Haha the first lecture of the 7 was great so :D Thanks! :) i still haven’t replied to your message IM A TERRIBLE LAZY TIRED HUMAN BEING OMG :’_

arecklessromantic said: I’m so glad you had a great first day!!!! It sounds wonderful! I’m so happy for you!!!

Thank youuuuu :) I give this happy  feeling a week before I’m stressed out but yay xD

malia-mcstilinski said: storytelling? seriously? that’s a real class? where is your college, in beacon hills???? wait - are you going to hogwarts?!?! :))

Hahahahha xD yes it’s a real class PFF PLS I WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD IF I WAS IN BH unless Parrish or Scott saves me *heart eyes* 

Woman please ofc I’m in Hogwarts! I was on the train on Monday and it’s been lovely here with my magical spells and ahhh the sweet sound of no more maths ever!!! :)

queenofrunes said: aww Ketie is growing up so fast!! in college and everything. :’) The storytelling class sounds so freaking awesome omg, have fun for both of us!and you get to write a book tooo!! where the hell do i sign up for this college!!!? im glad it went well!)

Awww haha yes Ketie is 20 now (my tumblr is lying to you guys but im lazy to change it haha) and very wise and grown up so that’s why I tried to eat a hot plate of lasagna while hopping on one foot and holding it in one hand yes I’m very mature that I didn’t curse when it fell on my toe :’) I will xD hehe once I fibish this week and get to know this strange city and school and be familiar with my room and stuff I will talk more! I promise ugh im just always tired and busy lately and VERY LAZY some things never change :’) btw did you ever get my letter? ‘_”

Did I mention one of my teachers won an Emmy O.O and the other one worked on movies with starts like Keira Knighley and Brad Pitt and omgosh hehe IM SO EXCITED but already tired xD

Derek Hale in A Promise to the Dead

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#Stiles forever stupified by Kira Sunshine-and-Rainbows Yukimura

#I always read it as stiles being like #’oh god there’s two of them’ #Scott would be the one to find the only other optimistic person to date in this town #I’ve already got my hands full with Scott how am I supposed to tell this cute face that everything is hopeless (x)

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Deaton the versatile veterinarian.

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Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario in a Maze Runner Teaser Interview

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