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Romeo, Save Me.

Hi!!!! :) I'm Ketie and I'm 20 years old. I care alot about fictional characters and stories and music and movies and very bad jokes. Love me, feed me and never leave me! (yes I just quoted Garfield). I read a lot and cry (a lot) oh and sleep (like a lot lot). Currently rediscovering myself so I'll let you know if I ever find myself or something. I'm on a life long journey through fictional universes, bad storylines, waiting for book/movie releases and life struggles to my well deserved happy ending :)

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Taylor Swift masterpieces

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I’m sooo tired right now but I am also INCREDIBLY bored like quick someone tell me a pun before I actually die from boredom😪


◊ э т о   л ю б о в ь 


Dylan O’Brien for Elle Magazine

We have this group app of my class and we have assignments due tomorrow and it’s midnight and 70% is like uhh we had another assignment what? I don’t understand this question or this video wait what we have class at 9 tomorrow? Oh yeah man I’m gonna start my second paper now and I’m amused simply because it’s the 3rd week and already everyones like as long as I hand it in before the hour you have to then who cares when teachers were like if due date is BEFORE 5 don’t be that idiot that hands it in at 4:45 and we are those idiots im sure of it

"I’m not used to being loved. I wouldn’t know what to do."

F. Scott Fitzgerald, ”More Than Just A House (via raylans)

Ah man I should reallllyyy finish the other paper now but hehehe at least I wrote down the lyrics with the scenes and I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY LAPTOP TO ARRIVE did I mention that? :’)

Like animals they hunt you through the pain, and you will run away.


Stydia + Plaid + Dressing Alike


stiles looking at lydia:


stiles looking at malia:



Eliza Taylor + the trail

I officially started my Stydia video and IT HAS STARTED HERE COME THE SLEEPLESS NIGHT to finish this shit :D